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Cannabis is a series of drugs that come from some particular plants. These mainly get from the Indian hemp plants known as cannabis Sativa and Indica. Such pro-drugs synthesized for the very first time in the mid of the 18th century.

Uses of cannabis

But now it has become very common due to multiple uses in human daily life. All the pro-drugs have the same properties to some extent. For instance, they act as an antidepressant for the human mind and provide relief from critical conditions.

The main anti-depressant and useful medicine in these pro-drugs are THC. This ingredient does not provide the human mind relief from depressed conditions. But it slows down the human responsive system by slowing down the connection between the mind and body parts.

These pro-drugs also act on the central nervous system to overcome the condition. Also, these are used in the production of different medicine. The medicines used to get a cure from vomiting, nausea, cancer, and appetizers also have this pro-drug as the main ingredient.

Due to this reason, these pro-drugs have a huge usage in the medical field as well as in daily life. These are also used by those people who want to reduce their weight. Moreover, these are using to get a cure from every type of pain including severe pain.
Because of this feature, these are also using in dance clubs and bars. The young people who want to get rid of their problems use these pro-drugs and feel comfortable. They use them in different ways like smoking, drinking and many other ways.
But the excessive use of these drugs may harm the human body severely. The most dangerous condition in which a human may fall is the hallucinogenic condition.

Types of cannabis

Cannabis is available in different forms like strain, seeds. Due to this availability, these are also known as hash, grass, weed and many other names. The main type of Cannabis is Marijuana that is one of those pro-drugs that are used at a very large scale.

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